Combining old world charm with modern luxury
Combining old world charm with modern luxury

Renovations story board

The main residence was originally built in 1890. This means it is now 125 years old and protected by the National Heritage Resources ActPinestrOld.

Around 1920 Mr W van der Lingen de Villiers, one of the previous owners, built the first 3 “outside rooms”.

Around 1930, Mr McCormack, built the second 4  “outside rooms” and turned it into a boarding house (also referred to as a gentlemen’s quarters). A further 6 rooms were added later. The boarding house then consisted of 10 rooms with two communal bathrooms.

The boarding house was known as Melvin Residence (Melvin Residensie in Afrikaans).

Piet and Elize, the current owners, decided upgrade the boarding house annex to be used for guest accommodation. They named the guest house Melvin Residence. The story board below shows some of the work that was done to turn the boarding house into guest rooms for the guest house.